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Getting started with Zumbling

Meaningful conversations, interesting people!

Zumbl is an online platform to chat and interact with interesting people around the globe. Zumbl builds your identity, and match you with people based on your interests. You can now also create a request to talk about a certain topic and choose specific groups to connect yourself!

Zumbl is here for you whenever you feel like talking to someone! :)


and everyone who is 13 years or older!

Facebook or Google or Custom Signup

You can use facebook and google based authentication to login directly to Zumbl. Alternatively, you can also use your email id to sign up. We don't pull any information but your email from your facebook or google profiles, so don't worry about anonymity.

Zumbling at it's best

On the basis of your interests

Zumbl connects you with strangers by matching your interests with theirs. So, do add your interests before starting to chat. So if you are into adventure sports, we will find yourself talking to Zumblrs who love rafting and hiking!
But in case you like it simple, we can connect you with a total stranger too!

Alternatively, you can create requests to talk about a certain topic and other Zumblrs will contact you. Similarly, you can browse through the requests created by others and answer them if they interests you!

Follow him!

Yes, while chatting with a stranger you can add him to your friend list. Keep your friend list short and special, you are going to make some really close friends here!

Of course!

Check out Notifications tab in the top-right.

Security Issues

No, we don't. Our algorithms do.

No, Zumbl never read your chats so that your private conversations with other Zumblrs remain private. But our algorithms read the conversations to make the experience more richer. Think of Google reading your mails to identify spam.

We use Zumbl too!

Zumbl has been designed with security as its foremost concern. Only the Zumbl usernames are made public on the network and there is no way to get the corresponding personal information by any means whatsoever.

We don't, nor we would!

No, Zumbl does not use your account details for anything but to authenticate your unique identity on so that you can stay anonymous and chat happily everafter!

Using Zumbl

Keep Zumbling!

Log in - Choose Avatar (on basis of your gender) - Add your interests and favorites - Click on 'Talk to someone', till you get connected, play snake while you wait - talk to the person you are connected to - afterduring the chat tag the person from the given lists of tags.

Alternatively, create a topic request or answer existing requests by other Zumblrs.

Have a look at How To!

Our How To is perhaps the best way to understand Zumbl and the rich set of features it offers in less than 60 seconds.

You are going to love this one!

To share the video just enclose the video name in "<" and ">". So, to share the Zumbl teaser video write "<zumbl teaser video>" in the chatbox and press enter.

For sharing images or youtube videos, you can simply paste the links and we will share them for you!

Managing Your Account

Send us an email!

Choosing a wrong avatar means selecting the wrong gender. To change the same please drop a mail at with ": Change my avatar" as subject. You can send the mail from your registered email id only.

Settings Page

To deativate your account go to your Settings page. To delete your account send us an email at with subject "Delete my account: your_zumbl_username". In the body of email, mention the reason why do you want to delete the same. If the request is appropriate, we will reach back to you within 3 days.


Yes, you can.

Log in to, and change your username from to Settings page.

Unfortunately, No!

No, you can't do that but you have a pretty exhaustive list of interests (>50 lacs interests) to choose from which is ever growing. Feel free to mail your suggestions at

Need more help?

Didn't find the answer to your question? Kindly mail us your query at and we will get back to you in a jiffy!