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By: Zorroh    February, 11 2014    47 Comments
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Zumbl invites you to take part in our new alpha testing program. Joining the alpha testing group, you will be provided with the latest, frequently changing versions of the Zumbl android app. This will also give you an opportunity to provide us direct feedback and collaborate with us via a facebook group, so you can take a more active role in testing and suggesting us the new features.

Requests will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Steps to become an alpha tester are as follows:

  1. Join!forum/zumbl-makers
  2. Visit and become an alpha tester.

You will now automatically recieve application updates much before than other users.

smogolicious 18 hours ago
that moment when you just went like down,your moods just downgraded

Counting_Stars A day ago
What does the blue background on your friends mean? That they were online recently?

By: Zorroh    November, 9 2013    51 Comments
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Have you visited the new market already? If not, what are you waiting for?

Not only we have slashed the prices of avatar on popular demand, but also now you can purchase a single avatar instead of a set of avatars. All your purchases, would be stored in your wardrobe visible in your profile where you can switch between the avatars as you wish to.

Do let us know your feedback, share the message with fellow Zumblrs and to-be Zumblrs.

Have a great day Zumbling!
Team Zumbl

Join us at our facebook group or let us know your feedback through our twitter handle @zumblr, or through the comments below.

alm5awi Long time ago
how can i change my sex in this page ,i am male and by accident it turns to female please help

alm5awi Long time ago
how can i change my sex in this page ,i am male and by accident it turns to female please help

By: Zorroh    September, 29 2013    27 Comments
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We have been making a lot of changes to improve your topic feed experience. We recently introduced a downvote button which is available to all the Zumblrs with greater than 500 reputation score.

We have built a ranker which learn from your downvotes, and automatically ranks the topic requests added at any later point of time. Since, we are learning over the existing downvotes the ranking function just improves itself :).

We are working on some other ways to make the feed more personalized. Would love to have your suggestions, on how can we make the topic request feed more and more interesting. Feel free to comment!

Zorroh Long time ago
terminalzustand - Yes, the end goal is to identify whether to remove just the topic or also block the user accordingly. We will keep improving the algorithm as we get more and more data points to validate our algorithms on.

terminalzustand Long time ago
Zorroh, wow :) That's what I've dreamed of. Although I think that users who use topics that get automatically blocked should be reported anyway, as there might be other inappropriate topics on their profile.

By: Zorroh    August, 15 2013    44 Comments
yahoo chat;chat with girl,random chatDear Zumblrs,

We launched the 'Raise a topic request' feature a while ago and got an amazing response from all of you. We were really elated to see so many requests on a variety of topics ranging from Spiritualism,Fashion, Physics, Relationships to AOE from the first day itself! But we were also a bit worried to see some requests with profane words.

We have always believed that all our users love Zumbl as much as we do and we thus always left it to our users to mold the culture on the site. However we strongly discourage the use of profane and abusive words and hence we would request our users to avoid such language on the site. Also, the purpose of requests was to let users choose what they want to talk about. Topics like 'Hi, How are you?', 'Hello!' and 'Hey there!' only clutter the space and pull down the other meaningful requests. Our moderators like to keep things clean, any irrelevant or profane requests will be henceforth be deleted by them and credits for the same will not refunded.

Finally, the requests are meant to talk about topics and not to search for saying what kind of people you want to talk with. Topics like 'naughty', 'looking for a friend', 'anyone from Phil here?' will be pulled down as well.

Here's a small little tip that would be beneficial for you to get connected to right people on your topics of interest- just keep the language of your requests very crisp and specific and the right people will always reach out to you, else your credits will be refunded.

Chat Happy! Keep Zumbling!

Yellow_Hawk84 Long time ago
Age group 38 above only

aryanhere Long time ago
he man Zorroh..i texted u msgs r not getting delivered..whats d problem..

By: Zorroh    July, 27 2013    10 Comments
yahoo chat;chat with girl,random chatYou may have come across avatars in other chat forums or read about them on the web. On Zumbl, an Avatar is a virtual character that describes your identity on the platform. It's you - the way you are, the way your fellow Zumblrs perceive you as or just simply the way you want to be. Choose your avatar by signing up now! During registration on the site, you can select a free avatar based on your gender to get started. As you gain more credits on the site, you can use these credits to buy a set of avatars. Your avatar will evolve from a basic avatar according to the tags you receive from fellow Zumblrs. Do check out the e-store for the exciting range of avatars!

Zorroh Long time ago
hiefive5 - Yes, coming soon :D

high_five Long time ago
add some more....!!!

By: Zorroh    July, 10 2013    91 Comments
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Continuing our obsession with 'Z', we introduce to you Zumblr Quotient aka ZuQ. ZuQ is symbolic of your overall behavior on Zumbl. With ZuQ, we want to emphasize on the fact that Zumbl is not a dating site, it is a platform for users to engage in meaningful interactions beyond any biases such as gender and nationality.

ZuQ is a cumulative score calculated based on your interactions with fellow Zumblrs. In short, a higher ZuQ would imply your behavior on Zumbl is praiseworthy and commendable. We discourage users who disconnect every same gender profile that they encounter until they find a opposite gender Zumblr. Users with a lower ZuQ will be given lower preference on the site.

Each user will have a ZuQ score on the scale of 0 to 100. This scale has been divided into 3 zones to indicate the Zumblr behavior compared to others on the site. If you have a low ZuQ, you needn't be disheartened. Improving your ZuQ is really simple and easy. You just have to engage freely in conversations with other Zumblrs without keeping any biases. You can find more information here.

Chat Happy!
Keep Zumbling!

Sleepinglips Long time ago
no more zuq /????

MoredecaiDizzy Long time ago

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